The Honoré School for Dental Assisting L.L.C. offers a program of instruction held on sixteen consecutive Fridays and four scheduled Saturdays at the office Dr. Cathy G. Honoré. Upon successful completion of the program and required examinations, students will be awarded a diploma in Dental Assisting, certificate in Dental Radiology, and certificate in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.)

Following fifteen months of preparation, including writing the curriculum of instruction, Dr. Honoré was granted a license by the Louisiana State Board of Regents. The School is an institution of learning that provides each student with the pertinent information and instruction to sufficiently and effectively follow the duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant as outlined by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry. The Honoré School for Dental Assisting L.L.C. adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the Proprietary Schools Advisory Commission.

As the school’s director, it is Dr. Honoré’s sincere intent to utilize her background in education. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in English, Reading and Language Arts from the University of New Orleans, and post graduate studies in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics from Xavier University in New Orleans. Dr. Honoré attended Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington, D.C. where she was awarded a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. As a former English teacher in the Orleans Parish School System, and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine she remains dedicated to educating others while maintaining a General Dental practice.