The Honoré Dental Center is housed in an early 20th century Edwardian home located on historic Esplanade Ridge. Esplanade Ridge is known as one of the most prestigious Creole neighborhoods in the city of New Orleans. This historic district possesses an impressive concentration of historic buildings among many in the nation.

Although generally residential, Esplanade Ridge is also home to a multitude of unique businesses serving this diverse community. Once an existing home, the building was transformed into a dental office in mid to late 1997. For Dr. Cathy G. Honoré, it was simply a labor of love.

As early as her first year of dental school, it was Dr. Honoré’s desire to own and operate an office physically located within a house. Because there is often anxiety associated with dentistry, Dr. Honoré felt that a patient’s apprehension could possibly be alleviated with the idea of “coming home”.